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Garlic & Jalapeno – Combine the flavor of our pickled garlic with the milder heat of our somewhat “de-fanged” Jalapeño peppers. Not as spicy as either our Jalapeño Stuffed or our Garlic Stuffed packed with Habanero Pepper olive. Two delicious flavors in the same olive with a zip. MB says these combine the best of both worlds! Heat level “3 – 4”


Jalapeno Stuffed Olives – Jalapeno Stuffed Olives combine the succulence of a firm California olive with the subtle heat and crispness of a milder Jalapeno. Delicious right out of the jar and with cold cuts. We put one of these inside of each albondiga; when we make Mexican style meatballs and then serve a tasty surprise to dinner guests!


Garlic Stuffed Olives – Garlic Stuffed Olives are one of our most popular items. These are cured by the classic Sicilian method, in barrels in the sun, for up to nine months. The result is a firm olive with a crisp, mild garlic clove inside. The cure removes most of the sharpness present in a fresh garlic clove. Heat level “1 – 2”


Onion Stuffed Olives – When you take the pit out of an olive, it leaves the perfect place for an onion to chill. So we put one in. Smooth. Mellow. The ideal complement to our savory olives. Pop a couple in your mouth and do some kicking back yourself.


Habanero Stuffed Olives – Habanero Stuffed Olives are NOT for the faint of heart or tongue. The magnificent flavor and exquisite heat of the Habanero pepper make these a real treat for those with Titanium tongues! Tom likes to put two of these on a cocktail pick and let them “marinate” in three or four good shots of Vodka an hour or so before making the Vodka into a nice, chilled, dirty Martini! WOW! Heat level “8 – 9+”


Martini Olives – Classic Martini Olives are the crowning ingredient in the classic Martini. We recommend at least two on a pick along with a small amount of the liquid from the jar for a perfect “Dirty Martini!” Bartender Woody’s favorite!